Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The March-Collins Bunch

 Undoubtedly, this was the largest bunch of kids I have ever photographed, and boy was this session a blast! I was contacted by Ashley back in the winter to purchase a gift certificate, and due to the rain and schedules our session had to wait! It is so heart warming to see two beautiful families join together to form such an amazing bunch and I still feel so lucky to be the person documenting it for years to come! The half heart image was an idea of Debbie's, to symbolize the combination of the two families and I think it was so creative! Thanks for the opportunity Clint and Debbie!, your children are wonderful, as are you!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

♥ Jolene & Jason ♥

  Last month I had the honour of being a bridesmaid to one of my oldest friends, Jolene. Her and Jason were so happy and in love on that day it was hard to not step into the role of photographer to capture moments nobody but a dear friend would see. Although I was not the hired photog, I tried to snap a few pics (without getting in the way, and without flash) from my perspective. I told Jason and Jolene I would film as much of the wedding as possible and make them an HD video. I will link to that video when it is completed but for now I thought I would blog a few of my favourite images of that day. These are less comprehensive (I didn't worry about blogging every family member and every special moment) and more photojournalistic as I hid for most of the photos, and allowed myself to let go and be pressure free (of course!)  I hope these images help fill the anticipation void as you await your official images and that they also give you a hint of whats in store for your wedding video (which is coming along very nicely ♥) Love Always, Shawna

Saturday, July 16, 2011

♥ Shelby + Daniel = BabyLove ♥

If you told me there were ever a more ridiculously beautiful pregnant woman than Shelby, I would call your bluff! Daniel and Shelby are expecting their first baby and we thought (since they and I are both members) using the ultra-cool Rod & Gun out at the courtenay side of the lake would be an awesome and unique backdrop. The shots and the scenery were never ending! I hope you guys love these images, I was grinning ear to ear choosing them :)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

♥ Oskar and his happy family ♥

 There is nothing as wonderful as the beach. I love photographing children near the ocean because I have always loved the juxtaposition of large (the sea) next to new (young child) or old and new, which you can see as a common vein in my work. This session was special for the MacMillans because their other children had already had photos taken in the past but Oskar had never been in the 'limelight' of a professionals camera. I was flattered they chose me, and when I arrived, I realized I had already met this family last year at  Katie and Keith's wedding! This is precisely why I love the Comox Valley SO much. Word of mouth is everything and no matter how hard you work to promote your art, happy clients and making an impression still counts! Enjoy MacMillans, it was truly a great time photographing you :)