Sunday, August 14, 2011

♥ Sweet Little Paige ♥

I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph Adrian and Katie during their pregnancy. These guys are such loving, calm and intuitive parents, its no wonder photographing beautiful miss Paige was easy breezy. We even got a some sleepy shots which is much more challenging when babes make a late appearance (this little beauty was 12 days overdue). I feel so blessed to have such wonderful, grateful and realistic parents to work with. Sometimes when you go into a newborn session with very high expectations, the stress of getting those 'sleepy shots' can be overwhelming to parents if their babe is fussy or very alert. I often see parents worried about 'wasting my time' and stopping to nurse, comfort, rock and pat their babies. The reality is, the newborn session isn't about quantity,  but quality. A few amazing shots that make you remember just how precious they are.  Im so grateful these guys allowed to 'be what will'. We got some super cute, chubby little grin shots and when we tired Paige right out, she even fell asleep and let me pose her :) Thanks again guys, to say your family is lovely, is an understatement! ♥