Friday, October 29, 2010

♥ The Riecker Family ♥

The Reiker family contacted me a few weeks ago wanting to do a fun fall session at Miracle Beach. This family was so full of energy and "joie de vivre" and I had tons of fun playing with the children.We did what I like to call a  "rolling" session where we just walk through an area taking shots along the way. It allows for natural play and interaction within the family and in the environment and completely cuts out the stuffy family photo session. I feel like this gives way to more candid and natural experience. You guys were a joy to meet and photograph, I hope these images are everything you hoped for. I had a very hard time to cutting them down to these as there are SOO many proofs to choose from ... Enjoy! 

Monday, October 25, 2010

♥Baby Sophia♥

I got to photograph the most beautiful little baby this week! If you haven't checked this family out before, the  Hanseds were the amazing couple who had their maternity session in the river a few weeks back! Beautiful baby Sophia came a few weeks earlier than expected and she is so snugly and teeny! Her sleepiness was the main reason this session was so successful. She basically let me position her however I wanted and with a little help from her loving parents, I once again left the Hanseds with the feeling like I was the one who gained the most from the experience. A genuine and beautiful family, I can only hope I can keep photographing them as they grow and experience life! Louise, thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me this experience, and for bravely allowing me to post an image of you nurturing your baby as nature intended ♡

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

♥ Ky and Sin ♥

I admit, we did this session a long time ago for the fun of it and I have been so busy lately, all fo my creative projects seem to fall the the way side! Fortunately I found time this week and am very happy to finally be showing these shots off. The theme was  sexy "Spy vs Spy". I tried to make everything oppose the other. Unfortunately for us the day we choose was literally down pouring and most of the time was spent sitting in my truck praying for it to let up! Next year, when the weather is nicer, you will catch these two models ( and best friends ) again, I guarantee it!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

♥The Hanseds♥

This was definitely one of the most amazing couples I have ever met. They are so amazingly natural with each other and it was instantaneously comfortable. Louise has a light about her. A beautiful river goddess. Their birth will no doubt be exquisite and I cant wait to meet and photograph the little being growing in her belly :) This session was done on September 26th and the water so so cold! I was beyond impressed with this loving couples' amazing attitude and willingness to jump right in :) Thank you SO much for doing this with me, I feel so lucky to have met such awesomely brave people to photograph in the water so late in the year! Enjoy your images, they overwhelmed me with joy to capture...

Sunday, October 3, 2010

♥ Baby Alanna ♥

This little newbie was just so tiny and sweet! I always feel so lucky to be allowed into someone's home to photograph something so precious, and with so much trust. This time it was a very happy grandma, wanting to capture the newness of her new granddaughter posing this sleeping beauty was so easy and she just slept through our session which allowed for a some super-cute shots :) Thanks so much again to this family for asking me to do this. Enjoy every moment with your precious daughter, I know its cliche, but the time really does fly by ♥