Friday, May 7, 2010

Tiny Dancer

I've been so lucky lately. Actually that really isn't the word. Everyone around me has been so supportive of all the photography I've been doing and Im so appreciative. Especially to the couple of super talented photog ladies with already established businesses in town who have reached out to me with unconditional support! xoxo. I was, however, haunted by an old skeleton last night and it reminded me, not only how much I've changed in the past 2 years but how no matter how you change, people will always hold on to the negative about you. Im trying to hard to remain steadfast. To remember why I was always so angry int he first place. Its time for the next phase of my life. A happier, less stressful "open-to-the-world" attitude has already gotten me so far ahead of where I ever expected to be. Then I meet Heather. A wonderful professional dancer ( who saw my maternity session with Livea ) that contacted me  all the way from vancouver for some new portraits and what she described as "action" shots. I met up with her at her parents house for 2 hours of hair and makeup and then whisked her off to my uber-lush woodland location :)

To say these photographs turned out well would be an understatement. Heather just understands her body and the way it moves 100000 times more then us average people. She was able to move in the most graceful, albeit contorted ways, and still managed to look STUNNING. A one hour session turned into 2 before I could blink! I had such a hard time whittling them down to a reasonable amount of images for the blog and was left with FOURTEEN. Sorry if you feel like the traditional photographers blog entry has 3-6 or so images. I have been known to break molds before. Annoying as it may be :)

I want to personally thank Heather Aucoin for her tremendously awesome self!! I hope the future holds nothing but happiness and success as you deserve NOTHING less! Hopefully we meet again, and soon, as your warm heart and vibrant air about you almost makes me miss you like a sister....and we only just met...