Monday, May 30, 2011

♥ Katie, Adrian, Tucker ♥

Anyone who knows Katie and Adrian knows what a sweet and fun couple they are. Adrian's humor and laid back attitude compliments his beautiful wife Katie's sweet and gentle personalty perfectly. This couple came from the north island and wanted some shots at the beach with their little fur baby Tucker. Katie looked exquisite and reminded me of a pregnant mermaid laying in the surf. I hope these images are what you imagined and more! I cannot wait to meet your sweet little bundle :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

♥ Adorably Sleepy Baby Kira ♥

While in the hospital a few weeks ago as a Doula, I ran into Caitlin and her friend Kaitlyn (hehe) and I was promptly contacted the next day about doing photos! I love how small our little town is and how word of mouth is so important. I often struggle with the 'he said she said' and I feel like I am always trying to keep my head up and embrace (not struggle with) my photographic competition. In truth, and this session proves it, people choose me because they love my work OR they choose another photographer because they love their work. Its really simple but its always flattering to hear that you are the first choice, I wont lie.

Caitlin's mother passed away before she could meet baby Kira so as a homage to her Grandma, we photographed Kira with her ring and some of her gardening tools. Fresh magnolia blossoms represent her love of gardening and the tender time in May when those blossoms bloom and the commencement of spring is signified. Kira was so sleepy, I literally just moved her here and there and she didn't even twitch! the dream baby to photograph. Caitlin, you are such a graceful and beautiful mother. Your love for your baby girl and the love your brother and dad have for her too, is so apparent and I felt  honoured and filled with joy leaving your home that day! I hope you love these :)  ♥

Monday, May 23, 2011

♥ The McDowell Family ♥

Horray For Spring! There was seriously no better of a family to celebrate with on Mothers Day this year than the McDowell's! I met Alesha, Rob, Abby and Jace at Seal Bay Park and we just played, ran, jumped and goofed around through the trails and down to the beach! Alesha had originally purchased a gift certificate ages ago, but with the winter rain dragging on and on, it was truly a success to finally get these done! You guys are such an amazing and fun family! I hope you enjoy these images for many years to come, and the when you see "T-Rock" in the future, that you think of the fun day we had together! Enjoy ♥

Friday, May 20, 2011

♥ Sweet Baby Zoe ♥

I feel so lucky. I know I say it all the time, but I do. This job gives me such privy; such a candid space to view lives changing and growing with life. Emily and Drew are such amazingly wonderful people but the feeling is exacerbated when I look at these images. I feel so honored and full of admiration for  growing families and this is definitely where my heart lies in so many aspects of my life. Pregnancy and birth are jsut so transfomational and exquisite. Emily and Drew moved gracefully from 'singleness' to parent hood, 'they' are right - they "Should be making babies for Canada" haha. Emily and Ali are good friends too, so when I arrived to photograph Zoe at just a couple of days old, Ali and Jonah ( the blog entry directly before this one ) were visiting. We, of course ,could not resist getting a shot of the two of these amazing little ones as well as using some of Drew's tree planting equipment! Thank you again Emily and Drew for everything you have given me Xoxo