Sunday, February 12, 2012

♥ The Wonderful Birth of Malia ♥

2 weeks ago, I had the jot of photographing one of the most amazing births Ive ever seen! Cortni had been planning the peaceful birth of her baby girl Malia, and with a little bit of letting go, she did just that. The power that surrounds birth is tangible; a great feeling of sacred change..

I want to thank Cortni  for being so open to sharing these private and touching photographs so that my clients can see what I offer in the terms of birth photography. All mamas choose the images I post, so there is never a chance that I will post something beyond the comfort level of the family.

I feel very lucky to have had a small role in this magnificent event and I hope you cherish these images for years to come as your sweet baby girl grows into a beautiful young lady... thank you again!! ♥

♥ In general, please feel free to use GoldSpun Photography's images for your profile pics and to tag yourself, friends or family, just don't crop the image at all (including my watermark) please :) ♥

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  1. beautiful captures from an amazing time. Powerful moments to cherish.